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New Continuous Dryer for Delicate Products from Turatti NATuratti NA has developed a highly efficient system for drying leafy product without mechanical damage. After nearly 20 years of innovation and progress, the latest model utilizes new technologies for moisture removal.

More than 50 Turatti air dryer units are operating successfully worldwide. The latest version, shown here, improves the overall efficiency and performance by optimizing the water removal system.

The first three models were sold to a major Dutch company 20 years ago and remain in daily service today. Now, many leading U.S. and European companies have also taken advantage of the flexible and delicate action of the system.

The new drying system in the 2005 Model uses the most efficient and safe method available for removing water from salad, making use of natural technologies and preserving the integrity of the product. The salad never leaves the belt after washing until it is conveyed into the packaging.

Customers are seeing improved product shelf-life (also due to the bactericidal action of the system) with reduced utility consumption. In combination with the most recent version of the nitrogen tunnel, this system has received several awards for technological innovation.
For more information, call (831) 883-4400, visit or e-mail [email protected]

Freshline Direct Stream™ Wash and Dryer System
Freshline Machines has developed an integrated multi-stage wash and drying system — called the Freshline Direct StreamTM System — set to revolutionize fresh-cut processing.

The Freshline Direct StreamTM System meters product through the wash/dry system in a totally regulated manner, with no requirement for staging or storage of wet product. The system is modular, is available for a wide range of capacities and is suitable for all fresh-cut products.

Controlled from a single point PLC, the Freshline Direct StreamTM System elevates fresh-cut processing to the same level of automation and control experienced by other forms of food processing — such as french fries — allowing the same production control advantages enjoyed by these traditionally more advanced industries.

Freshline’s low volume systems are perfect for processors with multiple products requiring quick changeover.

The Freshline Basket Wash is suitable for a wide range of fresh-cut products, including carrots, florets, cabbage, onions peppers, etc. Its compact design requires minimal space and water usage, making it a very economical method of chilling your product and achieving log reductions in bacterial levels.

Freshline’s Compact Dryer is used widely in the fresh-cut industry. Its robust design is low to the ground to minimize lifting, and its adjustable settings allow you to maximize each product’s shelf life.

For more information, visit www.freshline or booth #415 at the Fresh-Cut Expo in Phoenix.

Heat and Control’s Gentle Wash™ 3-stage Washer Cuts Fresh Water Usage
Significantly reduce fresh water usage when washing fresh-cut produce, potato pieces and other products using Heat and Control’s new Gentle Wash™ 3-stage washing system.

Gentle Wash cleans and reuses water by circulating it through a system of hydro-sieves and liquid cyclones. Its low operating water volume assures fast water turnover so product is continually exposed to clean water. Depending on the product line and process, Gentle Wash can limit fresh water usage to approximately 6 to 8 gallons/minute producing big savings in water and effluent costs.

Stage 1 washing starts when product is transferred by a water flume to the Spiral Action Gentle Washer. For sliced or cut products, the flume is mounted beneath the cutter to accept the product pieces. In Stage 2, the Spiral Action Gentle Washer advances product in a spiral motion and separates it for more thorough washing. No mechanical agitation is used, greatly reducing product damage. Stage 3 spreads product across a conveyor where it is given two reuse water rinses and one fresh water rinse before passing through the AirSweep® vacuum/blow-off dewatering system. This removes a maximum amount of surface water and particles from the product.

For more information, visit IFPA Booth 715 or contact Dave McAlpin at (800) 227-5980, (510) 259-0500, fax: (510) 259-0600; e-mail: [email protected]; Web site: www.heatand

The IDROMATIC, a fully automatic continuous vegetable spin dryer, is available from NILMA USA, Martinez, Calif. This machine increases productivity and eliminates manual handling. It is ideal for drying a complete range of products ranging from delicate leafy vegetables, such as basil, to diced onions, peppers and carrots.

The spin dryer includes automatic feed and discharge conveyors and an automatic cleaning cycle. The motorized spin-drying drum system is electromechanical, while the drying cycle is controlled by programming a PLC (programmed logic controller). The hourly output depends on the type of vegetable and size of each piece and ranges from 750 to 1,500 lbs/hour from light to heavier vegetables.

This dryer is a recent addition to the NILMA processing equipment line. It can be part of a new processing line including the company’s ATIRMATIC continuous washer and STRIPPER II cutter or incorporated into an existing system.

NILMA also has two models of ATIRMATIC washers available, one with two washing sections and the other, ATIRMATIC 700, with three washing sections. A rinse/spray section is available, a take-away belt and an optional sanitizer dosing system also are available. NILMA also is marketing ATIR batch washers and IDROVER batch dryers.

NILMA is a leading manufacturer of food processing systems including dicers, slicers, peelers, washers and batch dryers. For more information, contact Vlade V. Dobrohotoff, NILMA USA, phone: (925)229-9311; fax: (925) 229-9321; e-mail [email protected]; Web:

The Produce Bin Washer GCS from Salazar
The Produce Bin Washer GCS is now available from Salazar Machine & Steel, Inc., Immoklalee, Fla. Made from stainless steel, it washes and sanitizes bins, reclaims water and removes accumulated trash.

How does it work? Bins are delivered onto a conveyor belt at the entrance. A gearbox/electric drive operates the stainless steel conveyor belts. A tilting device rotates the bins approximately 120 degrees to allow the trash to be washed out. The bins are then set on a second conveyor belt and exit the system. The rotating assembly moves back to its original position to receive the next bin.

What are some dvantages of the Produce Bin Washer GCS? It is made of stainless steel; all plumbing is mounted inside the wash hood; maintenance friendly; easy to take down and transport to different locations; system can process five bins per minute or 300 bins per hour; as a self-contained unit, it can be put in line with an existing dump system or isolated at any location; can process half and full plastic bins; provides a clean and safe environment for your product; and provides a significant savings in handling, anti-bacteria chemicals, water and time needed to sanitize the bins.

For more information, contact Salazar Machine & Steel Inc., phone (239) 657-2325; [email protected]

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