Cold Chain/Logistics

Cold chain traceability company wins annual supply chain award

Cold chain traceability management company PLM TrustLink has been named the winner of this year’s Overall Top Supply Chain Projects award by industr... continue reading »

A green floret of fresh broccoli with water droplets in the foreground

UF researchers make promising broccoli breakthrough

University of Florida researchers have made advances in delaying the aging of broccoli. The findings have the potential to aid in preserving other veg... continue reading »

Cold chain science hinges on correct temperatures

For many produce products, the right storage and distribution temperature is critical to maximum shelf life and profits. Packaging that ensures pro... continue reading »

A tractor trailer sits behind a row of containers at the Port of Oakland

Spray solution aims to provide safer travels

A pair of public health crises spurred two transportation industry veterans and startup company co-founders to take action aimed at making the produce... continue reading »

New 120,000-square-foot cold storage facility planned in Louisiana

Ti Cold and Agile Cold Storage are partnering to build a new 120,00-square-foot cold storage complex in Pearl River, Louisiana. The 50-foot facilit... continue reading »

Candor debuts reusable cold packaging solution

A new cold chain solution from transportation company Candor Expedite allows pallet and box-sized frozen and refrigerated shipments to travel by regul... continue reading »

Side-by-side images shown browned lettuce compared to greener, fresher-looking produce

Food Freshly presents ‘In-Field’ method of produce preservation in trials

Shelf-life solutions specialist Food Freshly’s ‘In-Field’ method of preserving freshly harvested produce has been presented to industry professi... continue reading »

New alliance to address pending food packaging regulations

Industry organizations from around the world have formed a new alliance aimed at achieving sustainability in food packaging without compromising on fo... continue reading »

Supply chain logistics company wins startup award

Supply chain logistics company ProvisionAI has won the Firestarter Trailblazers Award, given to non-venture capital-backed startups. The award, pre... continue reading »

Inteligistics receives patent for temperature-predicting system

Supply chain software company Inteligistics has been granted a patent for a process to help predict temperatures and quality of perishable products. ... continue reading »