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Upstart and established companies strive to define, achieve sustainability

When she formed her company, Earthcycle, nearly 20 years ago, Shannon Boase had a simple, if lofty, goal. “My purpose when I set up the company in 2... continue reading »

Research aims to solve sticky situation, preserve millions in trade

A move by European nations, led by France, mandating that PLU (price look up) stickers on fresh fruits and vegetables be home compostable has major im... continue reading »

New NanoGuard technology tackles food safety, shelf life

Start-up company NanoGuard Technologies is in the early phases of designing a technology that uses air and electricity to kill molds and pathogens on ... continue reading »

Engaging with CPS provides key benefits, rewards for food companies

Fresh produce is the largest sector of our food supply that doesn’t have a kill step, so we have to take steps to minimize foreseeable food safety h... continue reading »

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