April 26, 2024

Campaign aims to provide info, protect trademark of broccolini

Mann Packing Co., a Fresh Del Monte subsidiary and a packaged vegetable supplier, has launched a broccolini educational campaign targeting consumers, chefs and restauranteurs.

The campaign, dubbed Real Mann’s Broccolini, aims to provide information about and protect the trademark status of the term Broccolini. Mann’s baby broccoli, the first of its kind worldwide, has a distinctive taste and texture, according to a news release.

“The term Broccolini is more than just a name to us — it’s a symbol of our company’s commitment to quality and innovation,”  Melissa Mackay, vice president of Marketing, Fresh Del Monte N.A., said. “We helped develop Broccolini baby broccoli more than a quarter of a century ago as a broccoli and Chinese kale hybrid from an exclusive seed that produces long, tender and edible stems which you simply can’t get anywhere else.”

Broccolini is a proprietary type of baby broccoli created more than 25 years ago by Sakata Seed Co. for Mann Packing Co., according to the release. Many U.S. restaurants simply list “broccolini” on the menu, without attributing the correct brand name and trademark that lets customers know they’re getting the real product, according to the release.

Broccolini baby broccoli is a natural hybrid of broccoli and Chinese kale (gai lan). The product debuted in 1998 as a vegetable grown exclusively by Mann Packing Co. after an eight-year development period. With a sweeter and milder flavor than regular broccoli, Broccolini baby broccoli is 100% edible from flower to stem.

The educational campaign will include social media programs, PR and advertising materials and online information.

“While this campaign is intended as an educational opportunity to remind the foodservice industry that our product name cannot legally be used generically, we are serious about protecting our trademark,” Mackay said. “It’s important for consumers to understand the Broccolini difference and know that the name matters. If restaurant menus are not accurately referring to the product by name, it can be misleading to customers who expect a certain level of flavor and quality.”

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