March 11, 2024

Food Freshly presents ‘In-Field’ method of produce preservation in trials

Shelf-life solutions specialist Food Freshly’s ‘In-Field’ method of preserving freshly harvested produce has been presented to industry professionals in direct trials.

The innovation was first showcased during the BASF Nunhems 2024 Demo Days for salads, held Feb. 12-16 in Cartagena, Spain. The solution, applied close to harvesting of lettuce or before the produce enters storage, prevents oxidation of cut edges, according to a news release.

Food Freshly, which offers a range of nature-based antioxidants aimed at preventing browning for bagged, fresh-cut lettuce and other produce, described the early stages of developing its ‘In-Field’ solution to Produce Processing in February 2023.

Side-by-side images shown browned lettuce compared to greener, fresher-looking produce
A comparison of romaine lettuce treated (right) and not treated with Food freshly solutions. Image courtesy of Food Freshly.

“We at Food Freshly are proud to be able to offer a unique solution with our new freshness preservation procedure specifically for salads,” Benjamin Singh, Food Freshly technical director, said in the release. “This innovation is the result of intensive research and development, and we firmly believe it will make a significant contribution to salad preservation. The feedback from the industry at the BASF Demo Days in the Netherlands and now also in Cartagena reinforces our research efforts.”

Treatment immediately after harvesting reduces spoilage and preserves produce quality while reducing food waste and increasing the availability of fresh salads, the company said.

Food Freshly’s ‘In-Field’ solution is now available to customers on a limited basis for trials, with trials already scheduled in Europe, according to the release. The solution was also presented at Anuga FoodTec in Cologne, Germany, from March 19-22, 2024, and will be shown at MacFrut in Rimini, Italy, from May 8-10, 2024.

“We are excited about collaborating with industry professionals to shape the future of fresh fruit and vegetable processing sustainably,” Singh said. “Through diligent research and development, Food Freshly contributes to continuously improving food safety in the fresh-cut sector.”

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