January 17, 2017

Rite-Hite develops retractable barriers

The new GuardRite Retractable Barrier from Rite-Hite is a modular and self-storing barrier system. The system can withstand up to 30,000 pounds of impact at 4 mph, according to the company.

The GuardRite system’s core component is a 10-inch tall barrier that can stand alone or can be incorporated into an OSHA-compliant removable safety rail system. The barrier consists of an 8-inch diameter sleeve, which fits into a 10-inch core-drilled hole, excavated 20½-inches deep. The impact-absorbing polyurethane sleeve surrounds a 3½-inch diameter bollard. The barrier unit is gas-spring assisted and can be raised or lowered flush into the floor with an operational tool that can store in an operational visibility post.

The complete safety system includes the retractable barrier, visibility posts and removable handrails.

The modular nature of the GuardRite Retractable Barrier System makes it ideal for rail docks, according to Rite-Hite. It also has applications for wide loading, flatbed and finger docks, as well as protecting sensitive internal equipment installations and pedestrian areas from forklift impact, according to the company. Rite-Hite engineers developed the GuardRite system after input from facility managers.

“Drop-offs and sensitive equipment areas with only a painted yellow line on the floor for protection can be dangerous, especially in areas where workers and materials handling equipment are present,” said Andy Olson, Rite-Hite marketing manager. “The GuardRite Retractable Barrier helps make those areas safer with durable, reinforced dividers that are extremely space efficient and offer maximum flexibility.”