Food processing equipment choice, training key in staying safe

Your employees are much more than a workforce. They are ambassadors of food safety whose knowledge and execution of food safety standards protects bot... continue reading »

Lone workers: What produce processors need to know

By Dan Smith | Columnist I think it goes without saying, but the definition of a lone workers still needs to be stated. “A lone worker is an e... continue reading »

LiteSpeed Cleanroom door designed for hygienic operations

Rite-Hite’s new LiteSpeed Cleanroom door offers a high-speed solution to operations that demand cleanroom environments. Meeting Good Manufacturing P... continue reading »

Maine blueberry processor reaches settlement with EPA

The owner of a blueberry processing facility in Hancock, Maine, has come into compliance with federal requirements designed to protect the public and ... continue reading »

Rite-Hite develops retractable barriers

The new GuardRite Retractable Barrier from Rite-Hite is a modular and self-storing barrier system. The system can withstand up to 30,000 pounds of imp... continue reading »

HTK Company introduces ring knife

The patented Handy Safety Knife from the HTK Company is a ring knife that features a curved blade design, which makes it nearly impossible for the use... continue reading »

Safe-T-Signal system alerts workers at intersections

The Safe-T-Signal intersection warning system by Rite-Hite alerts workers when traffic is approaching from other directions. The ceiling-mounted syste... continue reading »

Potato processor appeals $213,000 safety violation fine

Washington Potato Co. is appealing a $213,000 fine from the Washington Department of Labor & Industries, the Tri-City Herald reports. The potat... continue reading »

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

OSHA fines potato processor $273,000 for safety violations

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) found an Idaho potato processor failed to safeguard employees and was unprepared to respon... continue reading »

Schneider Packaging unveils customer training lab

Schneider Packaging Equipment has built a training laboratory at its headquarters in upstate New York. The lab provides customers the opportunity to t... continue reading »