April 2, 2024

Horizontal flow wrap applications webinar set for next month

Product safety technology company Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection will host a webinar focused on flow wrap applications on May 8.

The webinar, which begins at 11 a.m., is titled “Four Steps to Maximize Product Quality in Horizontal Flow Wrap Applications” and will feature industry experts discussing the challenges of packaging complexities and accelerated production against the backdrop of evolving regulations and rising manufacturing costs.

The panel will discuss steps to optimize product quality in packaging including advanced inspection technologies such as metal detection, x-ray inspection, vision technology and checkweighing, specifically tailored to address the requirements of horizontal flow-wrapped production lines for high-speed applications such as snacks.

Niall McRory, global key account manager at Mettler-Toledo with more than 24 years of food safety experience, will present the webinar.

“We understand the critical importance of maintaining product quality and safety in flow wrap applications, especially in the fast-paced snack industry,” McRory said. “Our webinar aims to provide practical strategies and demonstrations to help manufacturers maximize efficiency and compliance in their production processes”

Focal points include:

  • Production principles and manufacturer needs: understanding the fundamental principles guiding production processes and the specific needs of manufacturers in the industry.
  • Product inspection application along the horizontal flow wrap line: exploring the application of product inspection technologies throughout the horizontal flow wrap line to facilitate comprehensive quality control.
  • Inspection of raw product: examining the importance of inspecting raw products before they enter the packaging process to detect any contaminants or irregularities and save packaging material costs.
  • Inspection after primary packaging: highlighting the significance of inspecting products after primary packaging to verify packaging integrity and offer highest product quality.
  • Inspection after secondary packaging: discussing the necessity of inspecting products after secondary packaging for bulk goods to address any potential issues introduced during this stage.
  • Data management and service offering: exploring the role of data management solutions such as ProdX TM in overseeing product inspection processes and the importance of service offerings in ensuring equipment reliability and performance.

Registration is available online.

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