September 18, 2023

IoT company Wiliot adds humidity sensing to platform

IoT data carrier platform company Wiliot has added humidity sensing to its Visibility Platform for products throughout the supply chain.

The traceability technology enables companies to sense and analyze humidity levels in real time, according to a news release. Wiliot’s existing platform includes temperature, location and carbon emissions sensing capabilities.

Crates are tagged with Wiliot humidity sensors. Photo: Provided

“This is a game-changing technology achievement for supply chain visibility,” Thaddeus Segura, Wiliot vice president of Date Products and Algorithms, said in the release. “By adding humidity sensing to the Wiliot Visibility Platform, we are transforming the handling of products we all consume and depend on. Now companies can deliver impeccable quality to their customers while promoting sustainability and responsible resource utilization.”

The Visibility Platform utilizes the Wiliot Cloud and Wiliot IoT Pixels, mass-manufactured, postage stamp-sized devices affixed to products and packaging. IoT Pixels continuously and automatically transmit data to the Wiliot Cloud via standard Bluetooth devices.

With the new technology, a tiny membrane detects humidity in the air. Different humidity levels are relayed to the Wiliot Cloud, where humidity data is combined with temperature and location data to generate insights and analysis.

“Based on this new humidity data, companies can now track, in real time, the relative impact of environmental conditions on moisture-sensitive products – to improve their freshness, quality, safety, and integrity,” Segura said. “Food retailers can apply freshness insights to their operations to ensure the freshest, ripest products are sold first, while health care companies can monitor the safe handling and storage of medicines and health commodities.”

The Visibility Platform can help produce meet humidity compliance requirements while remaining fresh longer, according to the release.

“Wiliot, and the ambient IoT, are changing the way the world operates — helping businesses transition to fully automated, completely transparent, and increasingly sustainable supply chains,” Segura said. “Now, with humidity sensing added to our platform, we’re establishing a new baseline for product freshness, quality, and safety, which will pay significant dividends for businesses and consumers alike.”

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