Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) technology offers great potential for juice makers

By Melanie Epp | Contributing Writer Imagine there was technology that would allow you to get more juice out of a batch of apples. Imagine that sam... continue reading »

Digital scent and taste representation company wins $250,000 investment from Radicle Growth

Aromyx, a California-based company, was named the winner of the Radicle Challenge at the World Agri-Tech 2019 Pitch Day in San Francisco. Selected fro... continue reading »

New SMART Machines by Kronen to debut at Fruit Logistica

Right in line with what's become known as "Industry 4.0," Kronen will debut its new SMART Machines during Fruit Logistica in Berlin on Feb. 6-8, 2019.... continue reading »


Lettuce, cabbage de-coring robot developed by FTNON

By Melanie Epp | Contributing Writer The adoption of automation and robots in the food processing sector is happening at a rapid pace. This shouldn... continue reading »

Business owner using paper records

Eliminating Challenges via Electronic Record-Keeping

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New forms of mechanization making their way into produce processing

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Yale, Balyo partner for robotic lift truck

The Yale MPE080VG end rider uses “Driven by Balyo” technology to operate as a robotic lift truck. The robotic lift truck independently picks up, ... continue reading »

Infrared technology could streamline food processing tests

Food quality tests that traditionally take hours - or days - to perform in the lab now can be completed in just minutes, without the need to even step... continue reading »

Systems evolve to produce safe processed food

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What labor in a produce processing plant might look like in the decades ahead

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