March 14, 2024

Food tech company wins approval of preharvest treatment in California

Food technology company Save Foods Inc. has achieved regulatory approval of its preharvest treatment in California.

The California Department of Pesticide Regulation has approved and registered the use FieldProtect based on compliance with California law, according to a news release.

“This approval by the CDPR is a testament to the safety of FieldProtect,” Save Foods Ltd. CEO Dan Sztybel said in the release. “We are eager to introduce our technology to California’s agriculture.”

The company said California, with an agricultural product market worth $59 billion in 2022, is ideal for FieldProtect’s introduction.

Save Foods Inc. focuses on integrated solutions for safety, quality, and sustainability. Save Foods Ltd., Save Foods’ majority-owned Israeli subsidiary, focuses on postharvest treatments for fruit and vegetables to control and prevent pathogen contamination, reduce chemical use and prolong fresh produce’s shelf life.

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