Organic Valley introduces packaged Brussels sprouts

 Organic Valley said it is celebrating the late summer harvest with the introduction of packaged Brussels sprouts. The company said organic Brusse... continue reading »

WP Rawl grows its organic offerings

WP Rawl has expanded their value–added offerings under the Nature’s Greens Organic label the company originally launched in 2013. The company s... continue reading »

Technology Excellence Awards finalists unveiled

Show producer Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute (PMMI), The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies, announced the finalists i... continue reading »

StePac develops long-distance modified atmosphere packaging

StePac has joined forces with Israel-based company Tadbik to manufacture modified atmosphere resealable lidding film, which is engineered to extend th... continue reading »

Misionero introduces re-sealable packaging for organic line

Misionero will transition its Earth Greens product line to the peel and reseal technology currently being utilized by its Garden Life product line. ... continue reading »

Inline Plastics expands SnackWare product line

Inline Plastics has released four additional packaging options to its SnackWare product line, including a wrap container, a new four-compartment conta... continue reading »

How existing products can capitalize on trends

Sometimes seemingly contradictory trends collide. Case in point: data shows that consumers increasingly want to cook their own meals, but they also va... continue reading »

High Pressure High Standards

When it comes to high-pressure processing (HPP) and the produce category, guacamole came first. HPP grew to catch on with salsas and, today more than ... continue reading »

JMT US and Macro Plastics launch natural controlled atmosphere shipping solution

JMT US and Macro Plastics have launched a new controlled atmosphere (CA) system for the preservation of fresh commodities, the JMT CA Bin 730. Mac... continue reading »

Ready Pac releases limited edition Bistro salad

Ready Pac Foods has brought back its Limited Edition Bistro Roasted Corn Salad with Pulled Pork and BBQ Drizzle. The salad features fire-roasted corn,... continue reading »