May 24, 2023

Packaging company adapa wins award for recyclable shrink bag

Flexible packaging solutions provider adapa Group has received a WorldStar Packaging 2023 award for its recyclable shrink bag.

The VACUshrink MEX 55 won in the Packaging Materials and Components category. The shrink bag also won the German Packaging Award in the Sustainability category in 2022.

Max Wolfmaier, sustainability manager at adapa, celebrates the company’s receipt of a WorldStar Packaging 2023 award for its recyclable shrink bag, the VACUshrink MEX 55. Photo: Provided

The recyclable shrink bag VACUshrink MEX 55 with EVOH high barrier is suitable for fresh, processed meat or non-gassy/ripened cheese and meets requirements for product protection and processability while enabling greater sustainability.

VACUshrink MEX 55 can be processed smoothly on standard packaging systems and demonstrates good puncture resistance, according to adapa’s website. The shrink bag is fully recyclable according to the CEFLEX Design for a Circular Economy Guideline.

Headquartered in Austria, adapa’s portfolio encompasses food industries including fruit and vegetables, frozen food, coffee and tea, and bread, biscuits and cakes. The company, with approximately 2,200 employees and 22 production factories throughout Europe, also provides packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and aroma protection industries.

“With the recyclable shrink bag, adapa aims to further advance the circular economy in industrial food packaging, which offers great potential for high-quality recycling streams,” Max Wolfmaier, sustainability manager at adapa, said in a news release. “The WorldStar Packaging Award 2023 is a valuable confirmation of our continuous commitment to conserve more resources.”

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