Food Safety

Key Technology foreign matter detection for sorting

Key Technology introduces AI-driven foreign matter detection software for sorting systems

Key Technology, a member of the Duravant family of operating companies, introduces AI-driven FM Alert software for their digital sorting systems at Pa... continue reading »

Connecting with produce-focused food safety talent

Where do you get your fresh produce food safety talent, and what should you look for in a scientist? [caption id="attachment_14219" align="alignrig... continue reading »

Leafy greens org creates food safety training video

Nearly 10 years ago, the California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement (LGMA) partnered with STOP Foodborne Illness to create a motivational training vi... continue reading »

Plant-based coating that prevents pathogens, spoilage in food developed by Rutgers

Aiming to produce environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic food wrap and containers, a Rutgers scientist has developed a biodegradable, plan... continue reading »

FSMA 204: How produce-based food producers can prepare for changes

As produce-based food producers around the globe emerge from pandemic restrictions, they are encountering, in many cases, significant supply chain iss... continue reading »

Edible, shelf-life extending produce coating developed by Nabaco

A new edible coating, NatuWrap, extends the shelf life of fresh produce, cutting down on food waste. NatuWrap keeps moisture in and oxygen and unwa... continue reading »

Column: Putting food safety research to work

Imagine reading this headline in our trade press: “Fresh produce foodborne illnesses fall 80%.” Better yet: “15 trillion servings of fresh produ... continue reading »

USDA-NIFA funds project to study bacteria movement from animal waste to crops

The USDA's National Institute of Food and Agriculture is committing more than $5 million to mitigate antimicrobial resistance across the food chain. ... continue reading »

New projects eye blue light, bubbles and smartphone-based infrared in produce safety

Antimicrobial blue light, ultra-fine bubbles and smartphone-based infrared cameras may seem unrelated, but each technology is part of a Center for Pro... continue reading »

Moisture control pouch by SAVRpak has successful trials in extending produce shelf life

SAVRpak has released a new moisture-control technology that extends the shelf life of fresh produce by up to three times, trials have shown. The Dr... continue reading »