June 23, 2022

Vanmark’s new Asia facility now operational, shipping equipment

Potato and produce processing equipment provider Vanmark has started shipping products from its new Bengaluru, India facility.

Three Peeler/Scrubber/Washer 2920 models, Vanmark’s best-selling model in the U.S., were fully built in the Indian facility. The peelers were the first products shipped from the new facility. They went to a large customer in China, Vanmark announced through a press release.

Previously, all machines were built in Vanmark’s Creston, Iowa facility. The machines include a new bent sheet metal frame which is more hygienic with an open frame design.

Producing the equipment in the Indian facility eliminates tariffs and fees for the Southeast Asian market, while also reducing production and shipping time.

“This marks a milestone for Vanmark,” said Jason Davis, vice president, Vanmark. “Having the ability to produce and supply equipment to this region increases our responsiveness to customers located in Eastern and Southern Asia. This reduces not only the landed cost of the equipment but also the time it takes to get to our customers who rely on it to grow their businesses.”

“Vanmark’s increased capacity to serve the Asian market allows us to expand our relationships here,” said Veeresh Gowdru, general manager, Vanmark India. “We look forward to being able to fully bring the quality equipment Vanmark is known for to the region.”

Vanmark manufactures industrial potato and produce processing equipment that optimizes in-process storage, washing, peeling and cutting processes.

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