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Potato industry leaders quiet talk of french fry shortage

Chances are you’ve seen the headlines regarding an impending french fry shortage. A story from Bloomberg, entitled “America Braces for Possible... continue reading »

Japan votes to reduce tariffs on US frozen potatoes

The Japanese parliament approved the U.S.-Japan Trade Agreement Dec. 4, which means tariff reduction on U.S. potatoes. The deal was negotiated earl... continue reading »

Lamb Weston debuts Waffled Hash Browns

Lamb Weston is combining two breakfast classics with its new waffled hash browns. [caption id="attachment_13353" align="alignright" width="300"] Ph... continue reading »

Sormac announces North American facility in Ohio

Vegetable and fruit processing equipment provider Sormac, a Netherlands-based firm, is expanding its U.S. footprint with a branch in Toledo, Ohio. ... continue reading »

Ryan Ellis, Idahoan Foods

Idahoan exec says packaged dried potatoes made just like they would be at home

The practice of dehydrating potatoes for later consumption started during World War II as a way to give soldiers in the field a more stable means of f... continue reading »

McCain adding $80 million specialty potato processing line at New Brunswick facility

McCain Foods will invest $80 million toward the creation of a new Formed Potato Specialty production line at its existing Grand Falls, New Brunswick f... continue reading »

JR Simplot, Yield10 Bioscience reach deal to study novel yield traits on potatoes

Yield10 Bioscience has announced that it has signed a research agreement with Boise, Idaho-based J. R. Simplot to evaluate three novel yield traits ... continue reading »

Potato, citrus, stone fruit processing equipment unveiled at PMA Fresh

TOMRA Food has a strong presence at PMA this year with a state-of-the-art sorting machine and two innovative new products. [caption id="attachment_... continue reading »

Potato-centric fast food chain reopened in UK by Albert Bartlett

A defunct potato-centric fast food chain is being revived by a longtime growing firm in the UK. Spudulike, which debuted in 1974 but ceased operati... continue reading »

McCain breaks ground on $300 million expansion in Washington

McCain Foods USA officially started construction Oct. 15 on its new $300 million, 170,000-square foot potato processing facility in Othello, Washingto... continue reading »