November 12, 2015

Ready Pac launches line of protein salad kits

Ready Pac Foods has launched a new premium line of protein-packed salads with grilled chicken. The all-new Bistro Salad Kits with Grilled Chicken are the first ever multi-serve salad kits with over 30 grams of protein.

The multi-serve salad has at least seven ounces of protein per serving and comes in four restaurant-inspired recipes that include premium ingredients such as roasted red bell peppers, edamame and savory corn, all paired with sophisticated dressings. The salads are conveniently packaged to share with others or to satisfy a “super-sized” appetite, simulating the feeling of sharing a great meal at your favorite eating spot.

Each kit contains instructions on re-heating the chicken to maximize its flavor and dressing application, helping deliver restaurant-style dining on the go. Flavors include Chopped Thai Style Crunch, Bacon Caesar Supreme, Santa Fe Style and Bacon Baby Spinach.

The Bistro Salad Kits with Grilled Chicken retail with a suggested retail price of $6.99 and are available nationwide.



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