September 8, 2022

New sprayer robot uses sun to detect and spray weeds

In addition to its Solix Scouting robot, Solinftec has unveiled its Solix Sprayer robot designed to detect and spray weeds.

It will also provide users with weed spot-spray maps with analysis on the amount of inputs saved compared to spraying the whole field.

The new sprayer robot uses an AI platform.

Solix Ag Robotics uses Solinftec’s ‘ALICE AI’ platform, which orchestrates machine operations to align with producers’ objectives. In partnership with the award-winning manufacturing, research and development company, McKinney Corporation, who will produce and manufacture the Solix spray robot, the new technology is slated to become available in 2023 to the agricultural market including farmers, cooperatives and ag-retailers.

Several pilot versions of the machine are currently running in North America ― in the U.S. in partnership with ag cooperative GROWMARK and Purdue University; and in Canada, in partnership with Stone Farms and University of Saskatchewan.

It can service up to 96 acres per day depending on the field shape and terrain.

Founded in 2007, Solinftec is headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil and West Lafayette, Indiana.

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