August 2, 2023

MULTIVAC launches new flowpacking solution

MULTIVAC has launched a flexible flowpacking solution which supports the use of sustainable films and paper-based materials.

The W 500 and the W 510, built to MULITVAC’s hygienic design standard, efficiently and precisely pack a range of food products, according to a news release.

The MULTIVAC W 500. Image: Provided

Servo drive technology helps achieve maximum output and optimum process control, with products with a maximum width of 200 millimeters and a height of up to 120 millimeters able to be packed with or without a tray.

The machine also features independent speed setting of the roller for crease-free longitudinal sealing, while a recipe-based control of sealing temperature and pressure makes cross sealing reliable. The machine also includes an integrated gas analysis system for modified atmosphere packing.

MULTIVAC also offers solutions for labeling or marking the packs on a flowpacker, from inline labelers to direct web printers and combined systems. The solutions all feature compact construction and optimum hygiene with control technology and mechanical functions matched to the MULTIVAC flowpacker, according to the company.

Founded in 1961, MULTIVAC provides food packaging and processing solutions for small- to mid-sized companies, as well as large corporations, worldwide.

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