MadgeTech releases new data logger canning fitting

September 9, 2016

MadgeTech has released the new CF200 canning fixture. The CF200 is ideal for securing a variety of data logger probe sizes and styles used to monitor internal can and container temperatures for a wide range of foods, according to the company.

MadgeTech's new CF200 Canning Fitting
MadgeTech’s new CF200 Canning Fitting

The CF200 canning fitting accommodates bendable, flexible and rigid probes of varied diameters and lengths. The fitting securely attaches MadgeTech HiTemp140 data loggers to jar lids, cans, retort packages, pouches and other sealed containers. The probe of the data logger can then be inserted into the container to read the internal temperature while retaining its hermetic seal, and remain in the correct position throughout the entire production process, according to the company.

The stainless steel fixture can withstand temperatures as low as -40 °C to as high as 140 °C, MadgeTech said. The CF200 is compatible with the MadgeTech HiTemp140-2-TD, HiTemp140-5.25 HiTemp140-FP and HiTemp140-PT-5 data logger models.

For more information on the CF200 fixture for canning processing, call MadgeTech at 603-456-2011, or email [email protected].