November 22, 2019

Lamb Weston debuts Waffled Hash Browns

Lamb Weston is combining two breakfast classics with its new waffled hash browns.

Photo: Lamb Weston

Waffled hash browns are a unique take on a Belgian-style waffle made with shredded Idaho potatoes. They are ready to eat, but the company recommends baking or frying for optimal quality.

“Our goal was to give our operator partners a new way to serve a crispy potato product and our new savory Waffled Hash Browns hits the mark,” said Kim Cupelli, vice president of marketing for Lamb Weston. “The waffled hash browns were designed to cook up crispy in the oven, making this a quick and easy option for coffee, sandwich, bakery and convenience stores.”

Try something new with Waffled Hash Browns, available now to foodservice operators. Visit for more information.

Photo: Lamb Weston