New Products

Post-harvest solution LytoFresh proves effective on broccoli

Lytone Enterprise has completed a successful trial of its proprietary post-harvest preservation solution LytoFresh on broccoli. Lytone, based in Ta... continue reading »

Recyclable packaging series from ProAmpac now available in Europe

A new polyethylene-based flexible packaging series from ProAmpac offers options for applications including frozen food, fresh produce and pet treats. ... continue reading »

Food freshly’s in-field products taking aim at oxidation before it starts

A new range of products from shelf-life solutions specialist Food freshly takes aim at the oxidation issues that can plague fresh-cut produce by targe... continue reading »

Key Technology introduces advanced potato sorter

Key Technology has introduced an enhanced sorter for whole potatoes that the company says helps achieve grade specifications while maximizing yield. ... continue reading »

How artificial intelligence is transforming the produce industry

Artificial intelligence software is everywhere these days. It’s used to inform smart assistants such as Alexa and Siri. It’s used to pilot self... continue reading »

SAMBAZON adds smoothie cube blends to frozen fruit lineup

SAMBAZON, a leading supplier of certified fair trade and organic acai, has added a new format to its frozen fruit lineup. Acai Smoothie Cubes feature ... continue reading »

$9.5 million USDA investment funds 3 bioproduct manufacturing projects

A new $9.5 million federal investment will support the scale-up of sustainable bioproduct manufacturing in the U.S. The U.S. Department of Agriculture... continue reading »

New Key Technology cleaner provides increased air flow capacity

Key Technology has introduced a new air cleaner that removes extraneous vegetable matter, dirt and other lightweight materials while providing increas... continue reading »

Partnership to advance sustainable packaging for fresh produce

A new partnership between two industry leaders aims to advance sustainable packaging for fresh produce. BASF SE, based in Germany, will supply Israel-... continue reading »

Automation offers cost, energy and labor savings

Automated machinery isn’t that new, but the options and upgrades it includes sure are. From working on its own like all-in-one machines to knowing w... continue reading »