New Products

Ark Foods debuts new purple bell pepper

Ark Foods, based in Brooklyn, New York, is coming out with a new purple pepper that will challenge what consumers think when they hear the term "bell ... continue reading »

FiveStar partners with Beyond Meat for plant-based taco salad line

FiveStar is introducing a new Simply Fresh Taco Salad made with Beyond Meat's plant-based beef crumbles. The 7.5-ounce complete salad recently debute... continue reading »

Pete’s introducing new line of sustainably packaged salad varieties

California-based produce company Pete's, which specializes in hydroponically grown lettuce and cress, has announced a new line of sustainable packaged... continue reading »

Children’s food tastes evolving at earlier ages than previous generations

Think back to when you were a kid. What was your favorite snack? What emotional connection or memories surface when you recall eating that snack? Chan... continue reading »

Mann Packing rolls out Veggie Sides line and Better Crunch lettuce

Mann Packing Co., one of the largest suppliers of packaged vegetables, BROCCOLINI baby broccoli and sugar snap peas in North America, which was recent... continue reading »

Carrot-based hot dogs coming from Bolthouse Farms

Taking a giant leap toward its long-term vision of “Plants Powering People,” Bakersfield, California-based Bolthouse Farms announced Oct. 13 a ... continue reading »

Okanagan targets convenience store market with sliced Arctic apples

Okanagan Specialty Fruits (OSF), developer and grower behind the innovative Arctic apple, has announced the launch of Arctic apple slices to the con... continue reading »

Beyond Meat launches plant-based breakfast sausage links

Plant-based meat leader Beyond Meat has launched Beyond Breakfast Sausage Links to its line of products. Designed to deliver the same taste and tex... continue reading »

Checking in with spinach specialist Eric Christianson of Rijk Zwaan

Well-known for its nutritional qualities, growers cultivated 66,800 acres of spinach in 2019, according to the USDA. Eric Christianson works as a s... continue reading »

Pairwise developing new varieties of leafy greens

"Bitter,” “peppery,” perhaps even “fiery.” Take a bite of mustard greens that are available at your grocery store today and these might b... continue reading »