New Products

Data analysis software tool hits fresh produce market

Highland Ag MarketWatch is a data analysis software delivering visibility into current market trends for marketers to make impactful, data-driven deci... continue reading »

Potato milk sports drink launches

Nautilus Mineral Waters of America plans to produce and market a TATORADE line of potato-based milk beverages. The new probiotic electrolyte-rich spor... continue reading »

new sustainable wine brand

New wine brand Juliet launches in recycled material packaging

Juliet has launched its brand of luxury boxed wines, which come in a cylindrical container called Eco-Magnum. Debuting with a 2021 Sauvignon Blanc ... continue reading »

UC Davis working to develop new varieties of celtuce, a leafy green vegetable

Researchers at UC Davis are working to develop new and improved varieties of celtuce, a leafy green vegetable that plays an important role in Asian cu... continue reading »

UK carrot grower adds powder processing line to cut down on waste

When a longtime root crop operation in the UK wanted to diversify its offerings, carrot powder was a way it went. Family-owned for four generations... continue reading »

Caulipower expanding cauliflower pasta line, adding white and spinach pizza

Cauliflower-based product maker Caulipower has several new products for 2022. The company, which already has frozen products like cauliflower crust p... continue reading »

Tanimura & Antle adds two-count pack of Artisan Baby Iceberg

Tanimura & Antle has added a two-count retail pack of its Artisan Baby Iceberg lettuce to its product offerings. “We’re excited to intr... continue reading »

Ocean Mist Farms launches Coachella artichoke season

Ocean Mist Farms has launched its Coachella artichoke production season. Growing in the region for over 20 years, 2022 also marks the fourth consecuti... continue reading »

Uglies potato chips rebrands, launches new character

Uglies Kettle Chips has announced a brand redesign with a new logo, website and a package design ready to hit shelves in January. Uglies, a divisio... continue reading »

Column: Packaging for ready-to-eat plant-based meals

Convenience, or ready meals, exploded in consumption since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic as restaurants shuttered and more people ate at home... continue reading »