Showcase: Fresh-cut Expo Exhibitors

Heinzen Introduces New Insect Removal Wash Zone System

Heinzen Manufacturing International (HMI) will be displaying its new Insect Removal Wash Zone System at Fresh-Cut Expo in Phoenix. This new wash zone system features an air-agitated flume, which gently acts upon such leafy products as spinach, spring mix and romaine to remove insects and other undesirable particles.

The system can operate independently but is primarily designed as a modular section to drop into existing HMI open flume wash systems. A dual-zone, closed-loop filtration circuit is at the heart of the system. This dual-zone area maintains a weir balance to remove particles by gently submerging the product using a modular plastic belt.

The HMI Insect Removal Wash Zone System can be custom designed for capacities up to 20,000 pph.

Also on display during the show will be the HMI HydroBlade and its AB200 AutoBatch, SD300, SD300E, SD300ES and SD50:LT Spin Dryers.

The HMI Hydroblade is a high-pressure waterjet-based vegetable cutter. It can be custom designed for segmenting, butt and tip cutting or any other combination.

The AB200 AutoBatch Spin Dryer is a fully automatic batch system designed for the high volume processor. By combining the capacity of eight AB100 drums into one, transfers are reduced, material handling simplified and minimized, sanitation simpler, floor space conserved and consistency increased.

The SD300 family of upright spin dryers are designed for a vertical basket load (Hoisted). These dryers are typically configured in a group array on the factory foor. The SD300 features a hydraulic drive and lid assist, whereas the SD300E is electrically powered with a pneumatically assisted lid. The SD300ES Spin Dryer and Basked has been redesigned to provide extra sanitation features, including sloped drain floors, external bearings, easier access for cleaning, less exposed hardware and more.

The SD50-LT is an innovative mini-dryer that features a canted basket carrier for easy loading and lifting. The start and stop cycles are controlled by the sensors on the spring-assisted lid, thus minimizing operator input.

HMI is a full-service engineering and fabrication company located in Gilroy, Calif. See us at Booth #801 or phone (800) 655-4675;

CVP Systems Inc. – At the Forefront in MAP Systems

Since 1972, CVP Systems Inc. has been at the forefront of developing modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) systems. From the initial vacuum gas flush prototype successful installations on all continents, CVP has led the development of MAP technology.

All food categories, including fresh-cut, can benefit from MAP technology with increased shelf life and freshness.

CVP’s T-grade series of produce films offer superior transmission for use where maximum shelf life is required. Its W-grade series offers greater economy. It is a choice when maximum shelf life is not required.

Produce products that work especially well in CVP® films and bags include chopped and shredded lettuce, mixed salads, cut fruit, blanched potatoes and cored head lettuce.

CVP’s expertise is matching product respiration rates to film permeability.

For more information on CVP Systems Inc. and its full line of products, stop by Booth #709 at Fresh-Cut Expo in Pheonix or contact the company at: 2518 Wisconsin Ave., Downers Grove, IL 60515; phone: (800) 422-4720 or (630) 852-1190; fax: (630) 852-1386; [email protected].

Urschel Laboratories to Show DiversaCut 2110® Dicer and TranSlicer 2000 Cutter

Urschel Laboratories Inc., the world leader in the manufacturing and selling of high capacity, quality food-cutting equipment, will display two machines at Fresh Cut Expo: the DiversaCut 2110 Dicer and the TranSlicer 2000 Cutter.

Sales of the recently introduced DiversaCut 2110 Dicer continue to grow. Processors recognize the many benefits this machine has to offer including the specially engineered compact cutting zone that enables a smooth transition of product flow producing improved cuts. This overall compact design carries over to a smaller size footprint without detracting from the dicer’s high output capacity and versatility of cuts.

Versatility, ease of use, precision and uncompromising quality are some of the words processors use to describe the TranSlicer 2000 Cutter. Availability of three interchangeable cutting wheels enables this slicer to accomplish a multitude of precision cuts from very thing slices to thicker slices and julienne cuts. Hinged and sliding access panels promote ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Stop by Booth #701 or call us at (219) 464-4811.

Polar Wind Cryogenic Chilling System on Display

Turatti North America will be showing the exclusive “Polar Wind” cryogenic chilling system for vegetable and fruit at the Fresh-Cut Expo in Phoenix. Turatti representatives will be present to discuss the complete capability of Turatti for leaf vegetable processing and fruit treatment lines.

Advanced systems for gentle and high volume washing, dewatering and drying are now available with capacities to meet the needs of smaller regional packers to those with more than 12,000 lbs/hour required in-source processing operations.

Turatti North America offers full-service distribution of Turatti Srl equipment, with parts inventory and service technicians available for product support.

Turatti pioneered completely automated solutions and processing lines for fresh produce including: state-of-the-art washers with insect removal systems, a wide range of cutters and slicers, high-capacity automatic spin dryers, efficient air drying systems with patented “ATS” air decontamination, our revolutionary cooling tunnel, “Polar Wind,” developed with Air Liquide, as well as a new line of equipment for fresh-cut fruit.

Turatti is an Italian, family-owned company, headquartered near Venice, Italy. Founded in 1869, it is in the 5th generation of family ownership. Turatti is a leader in fresh-cut produce processing and a world leader in mushroom processing. Turatti has various other specific machines developed as a result of its long relationship with many food industries prior to the emergence of the fresh-cut business.

For more information, stop by Booth #301 or contact us at (831) 883-4400 or via e-mail: [email protected].

Accu-Tab System Offers Advantages Over Chlorine Gas and Bleach

Accu-Tab Sl Calcium Hypochlorite Tablets offer advantages over chlorine gas and bleach for water treatment. Among the advantages are: safety, with no gas cylinders, convenience of handling, simplicity of operation (only water moves), accuracy of dispensing without metering pumps and low capital cost. Additional incentives pushing the increasing use of calcium hypochlorite are the more stringent regulatory and safety requirements for chlorine gas systems.

New calcium hypochlorite feeder systems now allow for reliable, accurate metering of hypochlorous acid for fruit and vegetable processing, according to PPG Industries, who manufacture Accu-Tab Sl Calcium Hypochlorite Tablets. The produce is washed in chlorinated water to kill bacteria and preserve freshness in the packaging lines. There is an industry interest in calcium vs. sodium processing due to an industry belief and papers written identifying calcium as beneficial in extending shelf life. The shelf life for vegetables disinfected to remove bacteria is much greater than for untreated vegetables.

Calcium hypochlorite is FDA approved for pathogen control in the wash water step for fresh-cut processors. With proper doses, treatment with calcium hypochlorite reduces surface contaminants and spoilage. It offers a safe and simple alternative to sodium hypochlorite. Compared to sodium hypochlorite, calcium hypochlorite is less corrosive to equipment and bins and, since it is not caustic, does not damage the fruit cuticle and epidermis. The material has a more stable shelf life.

For more information, visit us at Booth #619 or contact Scott Betcher, PPG Industries, phone: (724) 325-5997; [email protected];

Grote 613-VS Multi-Slicer with Two-Dimensional Slicing Capability

Grote’s 613-VS Multi-Slicer has become a valuable asset for many of today’s leading fresh-cut processors. We’ve recently enhanced the 613-VS by incorporating an optional static slitter bar assembly resulting in a value-added, second-dimensional cut on produce. Now, processors who supply onions, peppers and other segmented produce to customers for pizza toppings, salad/condiment bars, stir fry and similar food applications can look to Grote to meet their slicing needs.

Grote’s patented Accuband band-blade cutting technology slices produce cleanly and evenly for optimal results. It is supplemented by a series of razor-sharp, static slitter blades to provide a second-dimensional cut on the produce. Operation of the 613-VS Multi-Slicer is simple. It utilizes a compact operator interface for easy operation, and slice thickness is adjusted in an instant with the turn of a knob.

For more information, stop by and see us at Booth #818 at Fresh-Cut Expo or contact us at 1160 Gahanna Parkway, Columbus, OH 43230; phone: (888) 534-7683; fax: (614)322-1873; [email protected];

Sormac BV to Display USM-100 Onion Peeler and More

Sormac BV will be exhibiting its world-class, USM-100 Onion Peeler at Fresh-Cut Expo in Phoenix.

By means of a belt, onions on the USM-100 are transported out of an in-feed hopper, then singulated and positioned onto the flights of the transport chain. The operator places the onions in the right horizontal position. The rotating knives top, tail and make a horizontal cut around the onions.

At the end of the conveying section the onions are picked up with a double holding-arm system with rotating holders. This arm system is fitted on a rotating structure. During the rotating movement the onion spins around its own axle whereby a cut over the complete circumference is made. The depth of the cut is also adjustable. During the cutting air is blown into the cut to remove the skin.

Waste and loose peels are separated immediately from the clean onion part and will not be in contact with the clean surface of the peeled onion.

Also on display at the show will be Sormac BV’s Centrifuge SC 740 for leafy vegetable, new on the market this year. This revolutionary new centrifuge design concept delivers the ultimate control for drying delicate salad leaves, standard lettuce varieties, prepared vegetables and delicate herbs.

Fresh-Cut Expo attendees can also see Sormac BV’s Bell Pepper De-corer PO-30. It first came on the market last year.

Check out these quality Sormac BV machines by stopping by Booth #319 or contact Bill Mims, our new representative, at (803) 453-5901;

Golden Eagle – Films, Bags and Lidding Films for Fresh-cut

Golden Eagle Extrusions Inc. has been involved in the fresh-cut industry since 1988, supplying films, bags and lidding films to numerous fresh-cut processors. Golden Eagle continues to revolutionize its packaging films for fresh-cut processors. Through in-depth research and development, Golden Eagle is able to introduce products quickly for field testing. Thus, our customers have input in product development and can be certain they receive beneficial new products.

All processors want to extend the shelf-life of fresh-cut produce, and packaging plays an important role in this process. By custom tailoring resin compositions to the individual processors respiration requirements and providing pinhole free co-extrusions and laminates, Golden Eagle films achieve maximum shelf life results.

A film possessing desirable qualities must also enhance productivity. Golden Eagle designs different films for resistive and impulse sealing systems to accommodate many types of packaging equipment. This helps processors achieve optimal line speeds without sacrificing quality and dependability.

Golden Eagle does more than just supply film to the fresh-cut processors. As a member of the IFPA since 1990, we support and promote the future growth and success of the industry. We exhibit at trade shows, serve on committees and speak at association functions. Attending industry seminars and educational classes offered by packaging machinery manufacturers keeps our representatives well informed and focused on the future of fresh-cut.

Stop by and see us in Booth #600 at Fresh-Cut Expo 2005 or contact toll free at (800) 634-3355; info@goldeneagle; www.goldeneagle

Magnuson FAM Line of Size Reduction Machinery

Magnuson Corporation will be exhibiting the FAM line of size reduction machinery. FAM is the market leader in Europe both in technology and innovation. The FAM line of size reduction machines complies with the current safety and hygiene standards, which are now becoming a major issue for the “fresh cut” industry.

Magnuson has a test kitchen for demonstrating the FAM machines and is stocking parts as well. In addition, Magnuson will also be displaying peeling machinery. Stop by Booth #401 at Fresh-Cut Expo or contact us at (719) 948-9500; [email protected];

Field Tests Prove Chlorine Dioxide More Effective Than Bleach

Is there a better way to safeguard our produce?” For years we’ve been using chlorine and other caustic chemicals to clean food and food-processing equipment. Generally speaking, chlorine is currently the preferred chemical used to sanitize produce. Tests performed by food processors across the Southern U.S., however, have shown microbial levels to be staggeringly high on foods such as melons and grapes that have been treated with chlorine. Food preparation surfaces haven’t faired much better and the reasons why are many. Fortunately some grocers and food processors have discovered chlorine dioxide.

Technically speaking, bacteria, fungi and viruses living on any surface, including produce and preparation surfaces, can be categorized as “colony forming units” or “CFUs”. Clearly results indicate greater efficacy for chlorine dioxide. Importantly, the chlorine dioxide solution used to clean the knife contained a saturation level of 3 parts per million (ppm). The chlorine solution used to clean the knife contained 150 ppm.

The ppm count is important because a low ppm makes it easier to rinse a cleaning agent from food and preparation surfaces.

In addition to efficacy, study results at grocers and processors also showed that chlorine dioxide does not react with sugars or flavors of fruits and vegetables. It is colorless, tasteless and odorless at concentrations specified for food application. The same did not prove true for chlorine.

For further information on this study or a comprehensive library of information about the evolving uses for chlorine dioxide, stop by Booth #825 at Fresh-Cut Expo or visit www.selective or call (978) 927-6610, Ext. 17.

Packaging Solutions That Extend Shelf Life

Maxwell Chase Technologies has been successfully developing packaging to extend shelf life for fresh cut fruits and vegetables for over 10 years. The packaging is based on the company’s unique super-absorbent which complies with the FDA regulations for direct food contact.

Maxwell Chase Technologies will be showcasing a wide range of products at the upcoming IFPA show in Phoenix that will include:

The latest addition to its line of packaging – a new line of retail cups and containers for fresh cut fruit and vegetables, which give over 10-14 days shelf life.

Absorbent pads and pouches which can now feature re-closable zippers giving up to 15 days shelf life.

½ steam (3 sizes) and ¼ steam absorbent trays which give up to 18 days shelf life.

MCT 25 Tomato Slicing Machine that produces precision cut tomato slices, reduces labor costs, increases yield and can now sanitize the cutting blades between each slicing cycle.

In addition to providing a significant extension in shelf life, the packaging has the added advantage of absorbing any excess fluids which avoids dripping, spillage, etc. a common complaint from the consumer.

For more information, please contact: Maxwell Chase Technologies, LLC, 125 Westlake Parkway, Suite 100, Atlanta, GA 30336; phone: (866)344-0796;; or visit Booth #1001 at the upcoming IFPA show.

ORICS’ S-30 Heat-Sealing Machine Promises Cost Savings

ORICS offers packaging technology designed to save the user more than $35,000 per year on film expenses. Leaving no film waste, the S-30 heat-sealing machine saves millions of square inches of film normally paid but never able to be used.

Customized for fresh-cut packaging, the S-30 is popular with fresh-cut processors across the United States handling everything from fresh onions to diced tomatoes, fresh fruit, fresh lettuce, pickled vegetables and many other products.

The S-30 is a linear-motion heat-sealing machine designed with AC servo drive for medium-speed applications; it operates up to 30 cycles per minute.
The S-30 also allows expansion to a completely automatic production line. Trays or cups are automatically dispensed onto an 18-foot conveyor on which the filling process is performed and then transferred, via an automated transfer mechanism, to the S-30 heat-seal machine’s carriers.

To see the new S-30 heat-sealing machine line, visit the ORICS Industries’ Booth #604 at Fresh-Cut Expo or contact the company at (718) 461- 8613;

Litehouse Introduces Hershey & Heath Branded Caramel Products

Litehouse will be introducing its new Hershey & Heath branded caramel products at this year’s IFPA show in Phoenix, Ariz. The new chocolate and toffee flavors join the Litehouse Original and Low Fat caramel. All are available in 2-oz portion control size and 16- and 8-oz tubs.

Known for its nationally distributed and award-winning salad dressings, dips and marinades, Litehouse also will be showing off its new Sesame Ginger Dressing & Sauce. This unique dressing combines fresh ginger, onion and garlic with rice vinegar, sesame and canola oil. It has zero trans fats, no added MSG, no preservatives and is fat free. It is available in 13-oz bottle and portion control sizes.

Based in Sandpoint, Idaho, Litehouse Foods is a family owned business that manufactures, packages and markets a line of more than 600 items. For more information, see us at Booth # visit or contact Paul Kusche 208.263.7569.

Tru Hone’s HR8 Knife Sharpener

A good knife sharpening program can save a company thousands of dollars each year. Sharp knives can increase yield and production as well as reduce product cell damage and employee injuries. Tru Hone’s HR8 Knife Sharpener is the first step toward developing a terrific program.

Some of the great features of the HR8 Knife Sharpener are: wet honing with self contained coolant system; semi-automatic wheel dressing; one-minute-or-less knife sharpening; 8-inch honing wheels; easily adjusts to different bevel settings; and has a stainless steel construction.

Let Tru Hone show you what the Tru Hone Knife Sharpening System can do for your operation. Stop by Booth #924 at Fresh-Cut Expo or contact us toll-free at (800) 237-4663;

Fuji-Foremost FW-3710B Wrapper

A leader in the packaging machine industry, Formost Packaging Machines, Inc. has been building the finest horizontal bagging, horizontal form-fill-seal wrapping and vertical form-fill-seal wrapping machines for over 40 years.

Our full range of baggers and wrappers are designed for efficient and economical operation to meet the automated, high-speed needs for packaging anywhere in the world. Engineered for consistent package quality, quick and simple product changeovers, flexibility, and low maintenance, our packaging machines are custom tailored to meet customer specifications. Our reputation was built around prompt deliveries, immediate parts availability, dependable service, and outstanding customer satisfaction.

The Fuji-Formost FW-3710B horizontal box motion servo wrapper will be exhibited at the Fresh-Cut Expo. Advanced high performance wrapping and quick, easy changeovers are among many advantages of the Fuji-Formost FW-3710B wrapper. Features include the capability to network systems for reading data from the wrapper.

The FW-3710B will be featured with our Attachless Infeed System, specially designed to handle products that are impossible to wrap with lug chain systems. A flat conveyor belt transfers the product to the wrapper. The belt can be easily cleaned and removed.

The system allows for wide variations in product cut-off length. Product position is sensed and timed to the wrapper. The Attachless Infeed System connects to Fuji-Formost Horizontal Servo Wrappers to provide a package of the best quality and appearance.

Stop by and see us at Booth #1125.

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