product quality

Researchers develop ways to measure quality of fruits, vegetables

How do we know when a mango is perfectly ripe and ready to eat? How do we know when avocadoes are suitable for transport? Will this tomato variety thr... continue reading »

UC Davis Extension accepting applications for sensory science program

UC Davis Extension is now accepting applications for the Applied Sensory and Consumer Science Certificate Program. Now in its 15th year, the online... continue reading »

Waterjet cutting shows promise with some produce items

The use of high-pressure jets of water as a way to cut produce may be beginning to emerge as an alternative for fresh-cut processors. The technolog... continue reading »

Church Brothers activates #ImperfectVeg Program

Church Brothers is activating a new program to help reduce food waste and water usage; the company is calling its part of this emerging food trend #Im... continue reading »

Human threats to product safety and integrity require alert sentinels

Threats to the safety and integrity of produce in all forms exist from the field to the kitchen. The enemies list most often includes bacterial and di... continue reading »

PakSense launches AutoSense RealTime

PakSense, a provider of continuous environmental monitoring solutions for all segments of the supply chain, has launched AutoSense Real-Time in conjun... continue reading »