April 17, 2015

PakSense launches AutoSense RealTime

PakSense, a provider of continuous environmental monitoring solutions for all segments of the supply chain, has launched AutoSense Real-Time in conjunction with strategic partner Controlant. This stand-alone unit provides access to temperature and location information of perishable products in real time. This unit utilizes cellular connectivity to pinpoint issues and mitigate cold-chain breaks, before they become an issue.

“With this economical, reusable and stand-alone model, we can provide real-time insight for just dollars a day,” said David Oster, CEO at PakSense. “Further, all data is stored in a centralized cloud database for compliance and corrective action reporting. This is an optimal solution for any closed-loop situation, such as distribution center to store.”

Worldwide cellular coverage is provided at no additional cost. In addition, proactive email alerts to defined users can be programmed into units to signal issues as they occur.

AutoSense Real-Time powered by Controlant can be easily combined with the PakSense Facility, Inbound, and Outbound monitoring solutions to create continuous monitoring visibility over all segments of the supply chain, according to the company.

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