March 15, 2023

The Little Potato company rebrand includes new packaging

The Little Potato Company has unveiled new branding and packaging with updated product names.

The Edmonton, Alberta-based company, the leading creamer potato company in North America, has bred, grown and marketed its proprietary Little potatoes for more than 25 years. Its new visual identity features modern, fresh colors, a new logo, new brand characters, a refreshed website and social channels, and a new digital ad campaign.

“We did extensive research to deeply understand our consumers, and what they care about is feeding their families with healthy, easy meals and finding moments of connection and joy together,” Angela Santiago, CEO and co-founder of The Little Potato Company, said in a news release. “We refreshed the brand with a new brand promise, to bring little moments of happiness to busy families.

“We bring that to life in every element of our relaunch, from the colorful logo to our characters and our heartwarming ad campaign.”

The updated packaging features a clear window to spotlight the product and highlights elements including easy prep, with no washing or peeling needed, and a short cooking time, as little as five minutes. The packaging also now includes cooking methods, such as air frying, and features a message from the brand’s father-and-daughter founders about the family farm’s sustainability.

Santiago and her father, Jacob van der Schaaf, founded the company in 1996. A Canadian production plant opened in 2000 and was joined by a $20 million DeForest, Wisconsin facility in 2017.

Creamer potatoes are bred to be small, with a thick skin.

The Little Potato Company’s rebranding includes simplified product names with the prefix “Little” and brand characters the Spuddies — red, yellow and purple Little potatoes who share messages such as “Enjoy the little things.”

The new packaging has begun rolling out on store shelves, while the refreshed website and social channels went live March 15. A digital ad campaign will launch across North America on March 28.

“Families today are incredibly busy, but we know that sharing a home-cooked meal provides for invaluable family time and conversation,” Santiago said. “As a family-owned company, we’re passionate about making it easier for families to enjoy a little moment of happiness together by making dinner easier through our convenient and delicious Little potato products.”

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