Canada Opens Border to U.S. Spinach

– Canadian health officials have reopened the border to almost all shipments of spinach grown in the United States.

The Cana... continue reading »

Mexico Opens Border to U.S. Lettuce

The Mexican government announced today it would reopen the border to shipments of lettuce from California.

Mexico stopped shipmen... continue reading »

Search Narrowed in E. coli Contamination Investigation

FDA has narrowed the source of the recent E. coli outbreak to four fields in two California counties.

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Mexico Bans U.S. Lettuce

Mexico has stopped allowing imports of lettuce from the United States, according to a statement from the Mexican secretary of health. Stores in Mexico... continue reading »

Lettuce Recall Issued After E. coli Found in Irrigation Water

Salinas, Calif.-based The Nunes Company issued a voluntary recall of its green leaf lettuce Oct. 8 after a water source tested positive for E. coli.continue reading »

FBI searches two California plants in E. coli investigation

On Oct. 4, FBI agents executed a search warrant on two processing facilities in the Salinas Valley of California, the region implicated in the recent ... continue reading »

Three California Counties Source of E. coli, FDA Says

The FDA has narrowed down the source of the E. coli outbreak to three counties in California.

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Progress Made in Return of Spinach to the Market

With the source of the E. coli contamination in raw spinach narrowed down to a three-county area in California, sales of spinach from other growing re... continue reading »

E. coli Found in Bag of Spinach, More States Affected

The New Mexico Department of Health announced Thursday, Sept. 21, that it has confirmed E. coli in a bagged spinach product. The spinach was retrieved... continue reading »

FDA to Narrow Scope of E. coli Investigation by Friday, Sept. 22

According to the Produce Marketing Association (PMA) on Sept. 20, the FDA will narrow down the source of E. coli contamination to a specific growing a... continue reading »