September 10, 2018

Organic Valley introduces packaged Brussels sprouts

 Organic Valley said it is celebrating the late summer harvest with the introduction of packaged Brussels sprouts.

The company said organic Brussels sprouts were a $55 million segment in 2017, with 16-ounce packages growing at 72 percent. Now Organic Valley’s fresh-packed Brussels sprouts will be available in a 16-ounce controlled atmosphere bag with unique features designed to allow for a longer freshness window.

“Brussels sprouts have been on an upward trend for nearly a decade,” said Annake Ramsey, Organic Valley produce program manager. “But our retailers say they can’t always find the organic supply they need to satisfy shoppers. That’s one of the reasons this product is so exciting.”

Unlike many organic Brussels sprouts on the market, Organic Valley said its latest packaged produce offering is grown in the U.S. on a single Organic Valley family farm in southwest Wisconsin. There, the sprouts are picked, washed and packaged the day of harvest.

Like all Organic Valley products, Brussels sprouts are USDA certified organic. Organic Valley Brussels sprouts will appear in produce departments by mid-September. The suggested retail price for the 16-ounce package is $5.49. Brussels sprouts will also be available in a 10-pound bulk controlled atmosphere bag in box.