March 28, 2023

New vacuum pumps from Leybold aim to save energy, increase production

New wash-down vacuum pumps from Leybold aim to increase production, improve safety and extend shelf life in food packaging.

The DV 650 and DV 800 FP-r screw vacuum pumps, part of the established, dry-running DRYVAC series, feature a compact design that requires little installation space. The pumps can also be washed down inside and outside in any installation position.

The DV 650 and DV 800 FP-r screw vacuum pumps feature a compact design that requires little installation space. Image: Provided

In addition, their compact size and low noise level enable uncomplicated, near-machine installation in the immediate vicinity of the production line, according to a news release from the company. During daily cleaning of the system, the DV 650/800 FP-r pumps can be washed down with the production equipment in one process, resulting in less system down time, less maintenance, increased hygiene and higher filling and packaging outputs.

The rotor design of the pumps also contributes to energy-efficient operations and low costs, while oil-free pump technology means a low risk of contamination of pumped media with lubricants.

‚ÄúThis requirement is of great importance across all applications in the food industry,” Olaf Stahlschmidt, DRYVAC product manager at Leybold, said in the release.

The DV 650 and DV 800 FP-r models are equipped with a frequency converter for easy monitoring and control. The convertor provides only the energy required at a time, which leads to lower energy consumption, and offers a definable ramp-up of the rotation frequency with which a vacuum chamber can be evacuated.

This is particularly advantageous when processing foodstuffs, such as bakery products, that would change shape if the pressure in the chamber were lowered too quickly.

Other advantages of the pumps include water cooling that enables installation directly in the air-conditioned process area; high tolerance to vapor, liquid slugs and soft particles; and an optional integrated, stainless-steel silencer.

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