September 26, 2022

Mettler-Toledo launches advanced X-ray inspection technology

Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection’s most advanced X-ray inspection technology improves its ability to detect low-density contaminants in packaged food and will help food manufacturers avoid product recalls, reduce product waste costs and enhance product integrity and brand protection.

New Mettler-Toledo DXD and DXD+ dual energy detector technology is optimized for identifying foreign bodies such as calcified bone, low-mineral glass, rubber and some plastics. These types of contaminants are traditionally hard to detect within the ‘cluttered’ or ‘noisy’ X-ray images generated by overlapping and multi-textured products such as packs of pasta, chicken breasts, sausages and frozen potato-based goods.

Potato wedges being scanned by Mettler Toledo Product Inspection equipment.

Such applications are a match for DXD and DXD+ high-quality detector technology, in conjunction with new Mettler-Toledo Advanced Material Discrimination software tools. The software helps to separate and remove the prominent material of the food product within the x-ray image, revealing the presence of any lower density contaminants. As a result of the accuracy and reliability of DXD and DXD+ detection, food manufacturers can be more confident that their products are safe for consumers, and that they will benefit from reduced false reject rates and product waste, helping to deliver a fast return on investment.

The new detector technology is available in two version:

  • DXD: high-quality x-ray performance at an affordable price; can operate in the same environments as single energy solutions; and can be used with line speeds typically up to 100 m/minute.
  • DXD+: reliable detector technology for the most challenging applications; collects more data about the product being inspected, and improved image analysis software provides clearer images with higher resolution; can be used with line speeds typically up to 45 m/minute.

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