November 23, 2015

Logistics Hub to debut at 2016 Fruit Logistica

 Logistics Hub is a new three-day series of events presented at Fruit Logistica on Feb. 3-5 in Berlin. The sessions will address 10 current issues relating to the logistics chain. This is where producers, exporters and traders will find the information to help them take the right logistic decisions when it comes to transporting their goods.

Supply chains are becoming longer and more complicated, sometimes spanning several continents. The right choice of logistic services can determine whether or not a fresh produce consignment can be sold.

“Time to market” is a practical way to measure logistical efficiency. But there is more to it than that. Fresh produce can be shipped by sea, air, road, or in some cases, by rail. It is important to ensure that the delivery process for fresh produce on its way from farm to point of sale is adapted to the respective mode of transport.

Visit the Fruit Logistica website for the complete program.