July 14, 2021

Lipman Family Farms to tout fresh-cut green beans at foodservice show

As foodservice operations get back up and running, consumers are eager to dine out. More than 3.7 million consumers visited a restaurant via Yelp in May 2021, a record high for the app.

In response to foodservice demand surpassing pre-pandemic levels, coupled with the desire to innovate and promote labor efficiencies, Immokalee, Florida-based Lipman Family Farms will showcase their growing fresh-cut line at the upcoming PMA Foodservice conference in Monterey, California.

The fresh-cut line is harvested, packed, clipped and cleaned through Lipman’s supply chain network to provide a high-quality, ready-to-serve product that eliminates prep time and reduces back-of-house labor.

One product Lipman will showcase at PMA Foodservice is their ready-to-eat green beans. Available in a high-graphic, microwavable bag, the green beans are offered in a variety of sizes ranging from 12 to 32 ounces and bulk sizing, ready to ship to customers within 24 hours.

“With consumers eager to get back out and experience restaurants and dining again, we are seeing equally eager menu developers ready to innovate again,” said Wil Wilbur, corporate chef at Lipman Family Farms, through press release. “We are energized by the desire to incorporate new, fresh ingredients into menus and are continuously developing our food-safe, ready-to-eat, fresh-cut product line, blends and mixes.”

With guaranteed product availability, Lipman’s green beans are grown on exclusive acreage in Guasave, Mexico and Baja California, Mexico and distributed by Lipman’s west coast distribution network. The green beans are also available as organic under the full Grown True line of products, which also includes tomatoes, cucumber, pepper and squash varieties.

Lipman Family Farms is a full-service tomato and vegetable company operating in both open field and protected agriculture. Lipman is the largest open-field tomato grower in North America.

Lipman also specializes in greenhouse grown tomatoes and vegetables with greenhouse operations in Nebraska, Canada and Mexico. Lipman’s seed to shelf supply chain control — research & development, farming, processing, repacking, logistics and marketing — delivers the consistency and quality that has made Lipman Family Farms North America’s most dependable source of fresh tomatoes and vegetables.

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