Kaeser introduces two compressor products

October 27, 2015

Kaeser Compressors has introduced two new products: the Sigma Air Manager 2 (SAM 2) compressed air system and the SFC 22 variable speed drive rotary screw compressor.

SAM 2 brings the Internet of Things to facilities with its adaptive control, data storage, analysis, and predictive maintenance capabilities, and it does it all while ensuring a reliable, consistent supply of compressed air.

SAM 2 is a master control system for all compressed air production and treatment components. It optimizes pressure values, automatically adjusts system air delivery to accommodate fluctuating air demand and optimizes system efficiency by constantly analyzing the relationship between control losses, switching losses and pressure flexibility. Moreover, SAM 2 enables predictive maintenance with its built-in maintenance reminders and messaging capabilities. These features not only boost operational reliability and efficiency, but also significantly reduce energy costs, according to Kaeser.

With its user-friendly 12-inch color touchscreen, SAM 2 shows at a glance whether the system is operating in the energy management “green zone,” as well as operating status, pressure history, flow, power consumption and error messages. Advanced networking capabilities mean data can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

The SFC 22 is a variable speed drive rotary screw compressor delivers best in class performance with an efficiency advantage of up to 26 percent over the competition, Kaeser said in a press release.

With a flow range of 36 to 152 cfm at 125 psig, the SFC 22 features “built-for-a-lifetime” reliability, simple maintenance, and sustainable energy savings y as well as the latest in Siemens drive technology.

Kaeser has improved the SFC’s specific power through a combination of true direct drive design, premium efficiency motors, lower internal pressure differential and optimized airends. Additional built-in heat recovery options provide even more energy savings potential.

New features include an enhanced cooling design, eco-friendly filter element, integral moisture separator with drain, and an Electronic Thermal Management system. Units also come standard with Sigma Control 2 — an intelligent controller that offers unsurpassed compressor control and monitoring with enhanced communications capabilities for seamless integration into plant control/monitoring systems. The SFC 22 is also available with an integrated dryer for premium compressed air quality.