January 30, 2019

New line of microwavable mini potatoes hits Canadian market

There is a new line of flavored mini potatoes available in eastern Canada. W.P. Griffin Inc. has announced the launching of Potato Cuisine Microwaveable Mini Potatoes. The mini potatoes come with a choice of different spices, which consumers can add as desired. The product takes six minutes to prepare in the microwave, the company said.

“We have been working on this new product line for close to two years,” said John Griffin, president, W.P. Griffin Inc. “It is exciting to see this new and innovative product being supported by these stores. Right now, the focus is in the east of Canada with a view to expanding this later.”

Focus on smaller, easy-to-prepare potatoes

The Potato Cuisine Microwaveable Mini Potatoes are an addition to the company’s existing lines of convenience-focused potato products. W.P. Griffin said it has been presenting products in this category for more than a decade. The small-sized potatoes are quick and easy to prepare, which it says now appeals to many consumers.

“We first started developing convenience potato products back in 2004 with individually shrink-wrapped, microwave-ready potatoes,” Griffin shared. “We also introduced spiced, steamable, mini potatoes with the 1,2,3 cooking instructions a decade ago. Smaller potatoes are convenient because they are quick and easy to prepare, don’t require peeling, and can be cooked quickly. Many of our specialty items are focused on the smaller sized potatoes, as we are focused on ways to make it more convenient for customers to enjoy them.”

Five flavors

The Potato Cuisine Microwaveable Mini Potatoes come with the choice of five different spices, including Maple Butter, Mediterranean, Smoked Paprika & Garlic, Sun dried Tomato & Asiago and Caribbean Jerk. W.P. Griffin has supported the launch with POS materials and announcements on social media.

“We do have some POS material in stores, along with a soft launch on social media,” Griffin said. “They will also be featuring in Sobeys Flyer the week ending Feb. 27.”

W.P. Griffin Inc. is a family-owned farming business located in Elmsdale in western Prince Edward Island. W.P. Griffin farms approximately 3,000 acres with a rotation of potatoes, grains and soy beans.