Bühler Aeroglide introduces AeroPro Moisture Control

August 7, 2017

Bühler Aeroglide, provider of thermal process engineering and technology for food, feed and industrial materials, has introduced a complete moisture control system designed to help customers maintain a dryer temperature profile and minimize overdrying.

Controlled drying parameters ensure that a food product is shelf-stable, removing the precise amount of moisture. However, one processing deviation can dramatically affect batch specifications, requiring an operator to overdry, just to compensate and this can mean reduced yield as well as compromised product.

The AeroPro Moisture Control gives operators access to full-time, real-time monitoring with hardware, software and ongoing process expertise, combined with technical support, to ensure the most efficient dryer operations ever, according to the company.

“Too little information and too much time between adjustments makes optimizing a dryer’s temperature profile a constant challenge,” said Doug Beloskur, manager of Bühler’s dedicated automation team. “AeroPro Moisture Control reduces time-based moisture deviation with a control algorithm that improves dryer yield. It also reduces dryer energy consumption.”

Microwave sensor technology, coupled with algorithms that are built on decades of drying experience deliver a comprehensive closed loop system for automated dryer control. Discharged product passes through an analysis chute where approximately 20 percent is diverted to a sensing chamber that slows the product flow for analysis. Then, a high performance microwave sensor gathers moisture data and sends it directly to the AeroPro control panel. Automation then makes necessary dryer adjustments that can instantly produce product consistent to the target moisture content.

The system also makes it possible to view production data in real time via computer, phone, tablet or other web-connected device. Custom dashboards can be built to provide the most critical data in a quick and meaningful way. Data storage is cloud-based.

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