June 20, 2016

BiOWiSH Fruit & Vegetable Wash aims to reduce chemicals in wash

BiOWiSH Fruit & Vegetable Wash is an organic enzyme-based product that keeps fruits and vegetables looking fresh for weeks longer than untreated produce, according to BiOWiSH.

Safe for everyday use in all commercial fruit and vegetable wash systems, BiOWiSH Fruit & Vegetable Wash is organic and all natural, BiOWiSH said. According to the company, its benefits include: increased crop storage life, cleaner fruits and vegetables, elimination of latex issues, reduced wash process chemicals, improved wash and discharge water quality, reduced wash odors, reduced water and energy use and reduced cleaning and labor. BiOWiSH Fruit & Vegetable Wash ingredients consist of active microbial cultures and dextrose.

In a recent case study, BiOWiSH Fruit & Vegetable Wash was used to treat bananas post harvest. One group of banana clusters was treated with a traditional aluminum sulfate wash to eliminate latex and dust. Nine days after treatment, the bananas washed with aluminum sulfate were yellowed and had brown spots. The bananas treated with BiOWiSH Fruit & Vegetable Wash were green and had less post-harvest defects, according to BiOWiSH.

For best results, a wash water pH above 5.5 is recommended. The wash tank should be dosed during production hours and into a cleaned system, the company said. BiOWiSH Fruit & Vegetable Wash will not operate effectively in the presence of high concentrations of some chemical products such as disinfectants, according to the company. Application rate is dependent on system type and management practices. For specific application protocols refer to the user guides on the BiOWiSH website.

BiOWiSH Fruit and Vegetable Wash is available in a variety of sizes. For more information visit the BiOWiSH Technologies website.