November 10, 2022

Automated carton loader for produce

Van Doren Sales Inc. will debut a new Carton Optimization Robot, which automatically and reliably inserts full apple trays into cartons and RPC’s, at Interpoma.

“As labor continues to become increasingly unreliable or unaffordable in various parts of the globe, it is critical that we reallocate labor from the more monotonous and repetitive tasks into value adding activities in our post-harvest facilities” says Bret Pittsinger, president and CEO of Van Doren Sales Inc.

“This is an industry that has run through my family’s veins for generations, so we are very close to the challenges that operators face and the VDS Carton Optimization Robot is another way we can be a part of the solution for our customers here in the U.S., and through our networks around the world. It is also another key step in the journey towards lights-out production,” Pittsinger added.

Years of research, development and testing in markets in both hemispheres has resulted in a smart machine that delivers best in class fruit handling, smart systems for easy retrofitting and integration and importantly, packing at pace.

The Van Doren team is excited to debut the COR at the global apple tradeshow, Interpoma, in Italy on 17 November 2022 alongside their global distributor Global Pac Technologies. “After several iterations, hundreds of hours of live testing and a large amount of industry feedback it is exciting to debut the ACL to the world later this month” concludes Bret.

The Carton Optimization Robot will be on display in hall CD, stand C18/58 at Interpoma, November 17-19, 2022.

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