December 30, 2020

Ark Foods debuts new purple bell pepper

Ark Foods, based in Brooklyn, New York, is coming out with a new purple pepper that will challenge what consumers think when they hear the term “bell pepper.”

The new pepper variety was grown originally for Whole Foods Market Florida, according to a news release from the company.

“With no other major U.S. grower selling purple bell peppers at scale, Ark Foods is positioned to introduce a varietal to the masses otherwise mostly found at farmers markets or at-home vegetable gardens,” according to the release.

Lou Terrulli, director of farm development for Ark Foods, said the variety breaks new ground in the commercial pepper category.

“At Ark Foods, we’re excited about bringing uncommon vegetables to America’s grocery stores,” he said in the release. “The Purple Bell is a great entry point for people who know and love the taste of bell peppers, but are looking for more diversity and excitement on their plate.”

Ark Foods is marketing purple bell peppers as having various nutritional benefits, such as healthy daily values of vitamins A, C, and B6; low calorie levels, and anthocyanins (which cause the purple skin), known to reduce the risk for high blood pressure.

Ark Foods’ other products include shishito peppers,  honeynut squash to plant-based veggie bowls. Its customers include Whole Foods Market, Costco and Walmart.

Photo: Ark Foods


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