New website, new blog, new horizons

April 23, 2015

Hank Williams Jr., asked an enduring question in song a few years ago: if something’s good, why does it change?

The answer is simple: good things should change in order to become great things.

This aspiration is one of the objectives driving our new and improved Produce Processing website. The changes were needed in large part to support the new Produce Processing brand that evolved from the former Fresh Cut. Moreover, we felt the need to create a website that better reflects the needs of the industry and one that is easier to navigate.

You are now reading one of the changes: this blog. We had a spot for blogs on our former site, but it could be a bit hard to find. Now blogs will be front and center on the home page. You’ll be hearing from me on a regular basis about impressions and ideas gathered from trade shows, field trips and conversations with industry leaders.

We have made another big change and you can see it in the top navigation bar (that green strip below the big “Produce Processing” banner). We have identified five subject areas — food safety, equipment, packaging, cold chain/logistics and facility operations/IT — that are of vital importance to produce processing of every kind and have grouped information under these headings for your convenience.

The “news headlines” section has been expanded to accommodate the increased volume of stories being added to the site. The former webpage could show only four stories at once; the new site will show eight.

Please be sure to go to the navigation bar at the top and click the “resources” pulldown. We have gathered a number of valuable items for you in one spot, including our annual buyers’ guide, a listing of coming events, blogs, photos, videos and webinars. We have added a new feature: a link to USDA-ARS market prices and conditions, an especially helpful resource for buyers of raw product and anyone who wants to keep a close eye on market conditions.

There are plenty of ways for you to interact with the new site. You can respond to the blogs, add your input on Facebook and Twitter and send us an e-mail. Or, if you prefer older technologies, telephones and letters still work wonderfully. There are places to advertise, subscribe and access back issues of both the print magazine and our e-newsletter.

Websites are ever-evolving works of art and information. Our goal is that this one evolves and grows in a direction that fits your needs and reflects this dynamic industry. Please let us know what you think and what you’d like to see us cover. Add comments to this blog, email me by clicking on my name below or use the Facebook and Twitter links.

Lee Dean, editorial director


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