September/October 2022

Advanced technology for prune sorting

Mariani, a fourth-generation, family-owned company, has been in the dried fruit industry for 115 years. The company has adopted advanced technology to ensure the highest product quality and production efficiency.

Data Management a key role in food and beverage industry

Data management begins with collecting data from each machine on the shop floor and consolidating it into meaningful information for various levels of the organization.


At a time when many processors’ bottom lines are stretched thin, global fruit and vegetable processor Greenyard has adopted a new strategy to strengthen theirs.

Getting the creative juices flowing

Israeli start-up Better Juice and GEA Group AG, Germany, recently opened a new pilot facility, where juice manufacturers can test their sugar-reduction technology.

Processors seek ‘greener’ produce packaging

Consumer demand for healthy food will drive growth in the produce packaging market from $33.6 billion in 2021 to $42.7 billion in 2027, at a 4.1% compound annual growth rate.

The new labor

As the labor market continues to rebound from pandemic-related shortages, CPGs are focusing their workforce on key growth areas as they try to meet continued high consumer demand for food and beverage products.

We do more together than we ever could apart

If you’ve been involved with the Center for Produce Safety, you know that our personality is to be humble.

Where are all the robots?

Over the past several months, the winners of the International Fresh Produce Association Fresh Field Catalyst Accelerator program have been immersing themselves in the produce industry.

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