Facility Operations

New processor sets up shop in Arizona

In the early ‘90s, Henry Chavez saw a need for cooling operations in San Luis, Ariz., so he started Spindle Cooling and Warehousing. As that comp... continue reading »

Third Coast Produce brings fresh-cut line in-house

The coastal area of Texas is America’s “third coast,” and like the East Coast and the West Coast it makes huge contributions to the eco... continue reading »

Family-owned shipper expands fresh-cut operations

When Scott Danner, chief operating officer for Kansas City, Kan.-based Liberty Fruit Co., told owner and CEO Arnold Caviar that he needed to expand th... continue reading »

Facing an Energy Crisis

As I write this column, the cost for a barrel of crude oil is expected to top $100, surpassing the $95 inflation-adjusted cost in 1980. In 1999, oil f... continue reading »

The Big Challenge in Schools

It’s not too often that you see a 325-pound person encouraging others to lose weight. But that was the premise of a surprise hit reality televisi... continue reading »

Subway adds sliced apples to its menu

A fresh-cut fruit processor is supplying Subway with sliced, bagged apples for its new Fresh Fit meals.

Sun Rich Fresh Foods has ... continue reading »

On the ‘Merge’

The hot topic at IFPA Fresh-Cut Expo and the United Produce Show this past month was the merger of the two associations. The merger, approved by 98 pe... continue reading »

California Processor Grows Forward with Fresh-Cut Apples

The staff at Farmington Fresh, Stockton, Calif., is always on the lookout for new opportunities in the produce industry. That’s how the company g... continue reading »

FDA Bioterrorism Act Recordkeeping Requirements: IFPA Recordkeeping Teleconference

Is your company compliant with FDA newly announced Bioterrorism Act recordkeeping provisions?

Larger companies have until Dec. 9... continue reading »

Strong Oxidizers Present Alternatives to Chlorine Washes

Chlorine is the most common sanitizer used in fresh-cut fruit and vegetable production. It is an effective sanitizer that has its advantages, but fres... continue reading »