Facility Operations

N.J. CEA grower and processor receives certifications for Michigan greenhouse

Edible Garden AG Inc., a controlled environment agriculture grower with greenhouse and processing facilities in New Jersey and Michigan, has received ... continue reading »

AI chip to enhance industrial camera operations

Qtechnology, a global developer of customized industrial cameras and machine vision systems, has made enhancements to its modular camera platform used... continue reading »

New vacuum pumps from Leybold aim to save energy, increase production

New wash-down vacuum pumps from Leybold aim to increase production, improve safety and extend shelf life in food packaging. The DV 650 and DV 800 F... continue reading »

Food safety culture can provide companies with advantages

I think we all agree that there is a level of complexity to building and maintaining a world-class food safety program. It will never be easy to navig... continue reading »

Digital platforms help power traceability, increase food safety

Despite industry efforts to maximize food safety, it’s not uncommon for produce to be associated with a recall related to cases of foodborne illness... continue reading »

New Vanmark vine remover aims to save time for potato processors

A new vine remover from industrial potato and produce processing equipment manufacturer Vanmark can remove more than 80% of vines as product is fed in... continue reading »

Avocado processing facility in Texas garners firm national construction award

A Charlotte, N.C.-headquartered design-and-build firm has been recognized with a national award for its delivery of a 275,00-square-foot avocado ripen... continue reading »

Steam peeling can reduce food waste, save energy

When peeling vegetables, many processing lines waste huge amounts of food ― and potential revenue. With modern peeling machines, this can be prevent... continue reading »

Canadian manufacturer of plant-based meat alternatives opening 1st U.S. facility

A Canadian manufacturer of plant-based meat alternative products is investing $20 million in a new production facility in Stanwood, Washington. No ... continue reading »

Polygon facility to provide food processing plants with moisture control technology

Polygon, a global property damage control and temporary climate solution provider, has opened a new location in Nashville, Tennessee, designed to serv... continue reading »