Cold Chain/Logistics

Showcase: Produce Suppliers

Empire Fresh-Cuts

Empire Fresh-Cuts is the newest onion processing operation in New York. The company, located in Oswego, N.Y., o... continue reading »

Retail Sales

I’ve spoken with many processors over the last year, all with a huge variety of products – from apple slices to onions to salad greens to ce... continue reading »

A.M.S. Exotic adds value to specialty produce

After only two years in the retail market, A.M.S. Exotic has seen its fresh-cut Earth Exotics vegetables grow to about 60 percent of its business.
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Showcase: Washing and Drying Equipment

New Continuous Dryer for Delicate Products from Turatti NATuratti NA has developed a highly efficient system for drying leafy product without mechanic... continue reading »

Radio-Frequency Identification Continues to Spread

With traceability becoming a more important aspect of the supply chain, steps to make it easier – and more cost-effective – are being welcom... continue reading »

Fresh Focus: Disaster Plans

Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Rita. Hurricane Wilma. Just a few months ago, these storms changed the lives of millions of people. Even if you did not w... continue reading »

Demand for fresh-cut organics growing in retail and foodservice

The organic market has experienced growth every year for at least the last 10 years. No longer a fringe movement, organic produce is considered by man... continue reading »

Showcase: Product Shelf Life Extension

New Retail Containers for Fresh-cut Fruit and Vegetables – Technology Delivers 10- to 14-Day Shelf Life
A new line of retail packaging ... continue reading »

Showcase: Coring, Trimming and Peeling Equipment

Heat and Control
Heat and Control's patented new VersaPeel multi-stage batch peeler significantly reduces peel loss and improves finished pr... continue reading »

Fresh-Cut Foodservice

In Fresh Cut this month, we look at the foodservice industry and its relationship with fresh-cut. Foodservice and fresh-cut are natural partners.
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