Cold Chain/Logistics

An Industry Affected

Just as I sat down at my computer to write this month’s column my e-mail dinged – letting me know I had a new message. Hoping it wasn’t... continue reading »

Fresh-cut Packaging Takes on New Characteristics

In an era of redesigns, makeovers and change, fresh-cut packaging is not immune. The days of plastic bags and simple plastic deli containers are no mo... continue reading »

Classic Salads Puts Not-So-Classic Twist On Dinnerware

Classic Salads knows its stuff when it comes to spring mixes and spinach. Now, the company’s moving on to some not-so-classic items to spice up t... continue reading »

Package design and cold chain management go hand in hand

Fresh-cut produce is the fastest growing segment of the produce industry, and customers are looking for convenience, freshness, quality and safety whe... continue reading »

Showcase: Packaging Supplies and Equipment

Avery Dennison

Avery Dennison has announced availability of Air Release active labels as part of the company’s Active Packag... continue reading »

Processor Looks To Capitalize on Demographic Trends With Innovation

A demographic shift and emerging consumer trends are playing big roles in the continued growth of the fresh-cut produce industry, according to at leas... continue reading »

Buyer group writes to industry associations, calls for food safety pipeline

Eight produce buyers, representing millions of dollars, are encouraging the produce industry to develop new food safety measures for produce.
... continue reading »

Steps Must Be Taken to Ensure All Points Are Properly Monitored

When it comes to cold chain management, there is one thing to keep in mind: It is a chain. There are many links in this chain, and issues can happen t... continue reading »

Zappala Family Builds on Growing Taste for Mild, Sweet Onions

When the Zappalas entered the onion business in 1927, history was on their side. Onions, after all, have been a key part of good eating, worldwide, fo... continue reading »

Top Trends for 2007

Another year, another E. coli scare? I certainly hope not, but would anyone be surprised if we face new food safety outbreaks? While our industry tri... continue reading »