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Early-stage processing water purification can help reduce usage, costs

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports one in six Americans gets sick from eating contaminated food each year. Pressure on produ... continue reading »


Lystek International’s Thermal Hydrolysis provide wider range of wastewater processing options

Lystek International's low-temperature, commercial-scale containerized Thermal Hydrolysis Processing units — Lystek Mobile THP — are now availabl... continue reading »

Kronen washing machine features self-cleaning water

Kronen engineers have developed a GEWA washing machine with integrated water filter. The challenge was to develop a filtration system that would clean... continue reading »

Postharvest washes tackle residue, quality issues

Food safety remains top-of-mind for all involved in the produce industry. One of the ways to minimize risks associated with microbial pathogens is for... continue reading »

New features added to Kronen’s GEWA washing machine

Kronen engineers have developed a new GEWA washing machine in collaboration with sterilAir (CH-Weinfelden). [caption id="attachment_6728" align="al... continue reading »

BiOWiSH Fruit & Vegetable Wash aims to reduce chemicals in wash

BiOWiSH Fruit & Vegetable Wash is an organic enzyme-based product that keeps fruits and vegetables looking fresh for weeks longer than untreated p... continue reading »

Washing machine integrates UVC water disinfection

Kronen has launched a new GEWA washing machine with a built-in UVC reactor. The washing machine permanently disinfects wash water andturns it into ger... continue reading »

SmartWash calibration designed to improve chlorine systems

The newest product from SmartWash Solutions is the patent-pending Precision Chlorine Sensor Calibration System. This system, which includes the Precis... continue reading »