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Goldenberries could be next superfruit for North American consumers

South America’s goldenberry is poised to be a new superfruit for North American consumers, but a USDA-funded study shows they can be grown in the U.... continue reading »


Fruit in beer trend still going strong

By Scott Stuntz, contributing writer King Orchards has grown Montmorency and Balaton tart cherries at the edge of Grand Traverse Bay on the shore o... continue reading »

Fruit Logistica announces finalists for Innovation Award 2019

Ten finalists for Fruit Logistica Innovation Award (FLIA) 2019 have been selected. "The FLIA is regarded as the most important industry award," sai... continue reading »

Bare Snacks adds strawberry-banana version to line of baked fruit chips

Bare Snacks has added a new option to its line of oil-free baked banana chips — strawberry-banana. Inspired by the classic smoothie flavor, this ... continue reading »

National Processed Raspberry Council votes to discontinue USDA promotional program

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) said Nov. 7 that producers of raspberries for processing and importers of processed raspberries did not appr... continue reading »

Scarred melons find a variety of uses for California company

Dan Van Groningen never liked seeing so many watermelons go to waste at harvest time. “The outside has cosmetic scarring, sunburn, stuff like tha... continue reading »

Winsmith debuts Stainless Steel Conveyor Drives

New Stainless Steel Conveyor Drives are now available from Winsmith. Recently developed and now proven in the field, Winsmith’s new Conveyor Drives ... continue reading »

UNITEC installs new cherry sorter at Morada Produce

UNITEC and Morada Produce Company has designed a new electronic sorting system for red cherries and Rainier cherries. The new system has been desig... continue reading »

Oregon Fruit introduces new blood orange fruit puree

Oregon Fruit Products has introduced a new puree of red-orange colored blood orange juice and pulp. The Blood Orange Puree consists of 100 percent bl... continue reading »

Titan Farms announces sister company in processing space

Titan Farms, a peach grower on the east coast, announced its expansion into the fruit and vegetable processing landscape through a new processing faci... continue reading »