February 22, 2022

Kronen introduces next-level produce de-watering system

Kronen is introducing a large capacity fruit, vegetable and leafy greens processing and advanced drying system line this year, the K850.

The system, which will be demoed at Anuga Foodtec in Cologne, Germany, in April, will feature the established K650 and new K850 large centrifuges. The drying systems are designed to process large quantities of cut lettuce, fruit and vegetables. For example, the system can process up to 1,000 kilograms of baby lettuce per hour.

K850 drying system

The K850 drying system (see picture above) is an advancement of Kronen’s K650 system. Particular attention was paid to the drive and the hygienic design. This resulted in new features such as increased capacity, shortened cycle times or an additional spray system. Despite the size of the machine, the in-feed height is set low by design. This means the length of the buffer belt is shorter and, therefore, saves a considerable amount of space in setup area of the large scale unit.

The fully automated system for is dewatering cut vegetables, fruit and lettuce,  including whole leaf, in large quantities on an industrial scale. The system consists of a feed buffer belt, centrifuge, a discharge belt and an external control  unit. In a continuous processing operation, up to 5.5 tonnes (6.1 tons) of product can be dried per hour versus just 2.8 tonnes (3.1. tons) that K650 can dry per hour. The K850 can be combined with the GEWA XL and GEWA AF washing machines or the GEWA 5000.

Attendees of Anuga Foodtec can see this product, as well as others, operating at Booth F008 in Hall 10.1. Otherwise, visit Kronen’s website.

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