July 22, 2021

Western Growers’ YouTube series salutes food producers

In “Farm Fresh,” a series of videos released July 20 on YouTube by Western Growers, salutes the skills and ingenuity of the farmers and farmworkers who work to bring food to America’s tables.

In previews posted to Facebook, the “Farm Fresh” series received almost 14 million views.

“Farm Fresh: Harvesting” highlights the speed, precision — and yes, knife skills — that are required to harvest everything from broccoli to colored cauliflower to celery.

“Farm Fresh: Processing” showcases how produce — including avocados, baby carrots and garlic — is prepared and packaged en route to market.

“Farm Fresh: Robots, Machines and Automation” reveals the cutting-edge and unique technology used by farmworkers, such as self-driving wheelbarrows, automatic wrapping systems and plant tape.

Embeds for these videos from Western Growers members are available below; a playlist also can be found on our Facebook account.

Farm Fresh: Harvesting

Farm Fresh: Processing

Farm Fresh: Robots, Machines and Automation

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