November 28, 2023

Veg-Fresh Farms achieves EFI certification

Veg-Fresh Farms, a produce wholesaler based in Corona, California, has achieved Equitable Food Initiative certification of two packing facilities and citrus fields.

EFI is a nonprofit training organization focused on increased transparency in the food supply chain. The organization aims to connect growers, farmworkers, retailers and consumers to set standards for labor practices, food safety and pest management.

Veg-Fresh completed initial certification in September, according to a news release.

Veg-Fresh Farms partners with farmers in California and Mexico to provide year-round conventional and organic fruits and vegetables to customers nationwide.

The EFI certification has improved employee morale, according to Jasmin Amigon, Veg-Fresh Food Safety and Social Responsibility coordinator.

“EFI has provided mind-opening guidance not just for management but for our entire workforce, farmworkers included,” Amigon said in the release.

The certification prompted Veg-Fresh to establish monthly in-person meetings between management and workers.

This initiative led to the implementation of a suggestion box, monthly forklift training, a facility-wide recycling program and enhanced safety measures, according to the release.

“Their (Veg-Fresh’s) quick identification of facility needs, and rapid execution is impressive,” Adriana Martinez, EFI director of Certification Programs, said. “The positive impact on communication, morale and workplace safety sets a high standard for the industry.”

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